Knowledge Management and Public Libraries

Knowledge management (KM) and knowledge sharing are increasingly common in public libraries. In this case, knowledge is described as information with the added value of experience and judgement plus an understanding of the organization’s best practices and decision making.1,2,3 Though this can shift, KM is unique from other forms of information management because it deals with… Read More Knowledge Management and Public Libraries

Create & Collaborate

Continuing my search for what a “Librarian” actually is… In his recent post Now, Do You Like People?: What 1947 Can Tell Us About Libraries Today, Tarek Akhtar discusses how people are an essential part of librarianship. He states, however, that applying a standard customer service model is missing a necessary “organic factor”. To make his point, he features Pam Sandlian-Smith’s talk from TEDxMileHigh.… Read More Create & Collaborate

Do you love books and people? Have I got a career for you!

Take a minute to watch The Librarian 1947 Vocational Guidance Films. It may not showcase the cinematic sensibilites you’re used to, but it will provide context for this post. (If you can’t, picture a black and white film complete with an old school narrator trying to sell you on a career in librarianship.) Anyone else… Read More Do you love books and people? Have I got a career for you!