Copyright & IR Project Resources

This page is organized by section: Resources from Copyright Information Pages, Image Search Resources, Institutional Repository (IR) Resources, Additional Copyright & Fair Dealing Academic Resources, Additional IR Academic Resources. Other than most of the additional academic resources, all resources on this page are listed beside their related content on the project pages Copyright & Fair Dealing Project: Words & Terms, Copyright & Fair Dealing Project: Image Use FAQ, and Institutional Repositories Info Project.


Resources from Copyright Information Pages


Image Search Resources


Institutional Repository (IR) Resources

The best place to find information about your institution’s IR is to check your internal policy. These resources, like the information page, offer general information. For a(nother) collection of IR resources, visit the Digital Commons page Research on Institutional Repositories: Articles and Presentations


Additional Copyright & Fair Dealing Academic Resources

These articles address copyright and intellectual property rights in academia around the world. While some these articles may not focus on copyright, image use, or fair use, I found each held relevant information and illuminated the concerns of students, researchers, and faculty in various countries.
  • Arlen, Shelley, Melissa J. Clapp, and Cindy L. Craig. 2015. “Producing Tutorials With Digital Professionals: Primary Sources, Pirates, and Partners.” Journal of Library Innovation 6 (1): 1–21.
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  • Rutledge, Virginia. 2012. “Viewpoint: Legalizing the Practice of Art History.” Art Libraries Journal 37 (2): 3–4.


Additional IR Academic Resources

  • Inefuku, Harrison W. 2013. “Whatever Happened to Art and Design?: Using Archival Practice to Manage the Impact of Academic Restructuring on Institutional Repositories.” Journal of Library Administration 53 (4): 209–22. doi:10.1080/01930826.2013.865383.
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