I recently completed an Master of Library and Information Sciences program in Ontario, Canada. How did I end up here, you ask?

During my Bachelor of Visual Arts, I enrolled in a course on Curatorial Direction. Somewhere between discussion and reading, installing and striking, my appreciation for curating blossomed. Our perception is different when we engage with artwork as a reproduction in a book, an image online, a physical artwork in a galley, or a sheet of paper stuck to the wall. It shifts again when we put it next to other work; there is now a context, a relationship, and an unavoidable dialogue. Curators carefully consider these factors and more when designing an exhibition.

So it is with information. Context and relationship change the way we engage with any material. When I started considering graduate work, I had no idea this was a specific field of study. Now I understand it is just a small part of the dynamic subject of Information Science. During my work as an MLIS student, I’ve studied cataloguing, information behaviour, reference services, information theory, and so much more. Throughout coursework the importance of user relationships always comes to the forefront. I know my career in LIS will be driven by user needs, meeting people where they are and where they currently seek information. Check back for updates on my progress and other book/library/information-related posts.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to find me on twitter at @MegGregory.

Pic by me.


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