My Reading Map

A reading map is a glorious tool for book lovers to discover new titles from the whole library collection that relate to a favourite story. This post will highlight the reading map I made for Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy and share some other examples.

What’s a Reading Map?

A reading map is an online reader’s advisory tool to help you explore the themes and elements of a book you enjoy. These maps are not necessarily a list of similar titles, but a network of related books, music, movies, and more from your library collection and beyond. For example, the All Souls Trilogy focuses on supernatural creatures in our modern world, so my reading map has a page of suggestions based on that theme. If you’re more interested in the historical elements of the series, there is a different page of suggestions that may interest you. Pretty neat, eh! For a more thorough explanation and steps to create your own reading map, check out NoveList’s Reading Maps Made Easy by Becky Spratford and Christi Hawn.

My All Souls Trilogy Reading Map

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-30-17-pmHow could I not choose this series? I’ve read it countless times and there are so many different points of interest. My All Souls Trilogy Reading Map features books, music, movies, tv shows, audiobooks, cookbooks, graphic novels, manga, and more for fans of Deborah Harkness’ trilogy. I focused on titles at the Vancouver Public Library (my home library at the time), but also provided links to WorldCat so you can find a copy near you. As well as general info and similar titles, there are options based on themes, or threads of interest, including:

There are also links to fan pages and communities online so you can connect with other readers. Feel free to enjoy my reading map and leave a comment!

More Reading Maps

There are a lot of reading maps out there and RA FOR ALL has a great list to explore. Some of my favourites include: Hunger Games Trilogy Reading Map, The Great Gatsby, and A Song of Ice and Fire Reading Map. To hunt for more, I would suggest searching for “reading map” and your book title — for example, searching for <“reading map” “harry potter”> gets you a lot of results.

Happy reading, listening, or viewing!

Map pic is Greater Lyon looks pretty confusing… by Connie Ma.


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