Top 6 Readers’ Advisory Resources

When you finish a good book, readers’ advisory service is designed to help you find another one. Even without visiting or contacting a librarian, there are a lot of readers’ advisory resources. Here are my favourite six online resources for finding your next read!

The Top 6!

0. Goodreads
The largest of its kind, this site is a comprehensive resource for book information, lists, and recommendations. A lot of the information is created by users, creating a community atmosphere. With an account, you can create your own list of books read, join groups, and contribute to lists.
(Why zero? I imagine most readers know about Goodreads, but it still has to be on this list. Therefore, it’s our starting point at zero.)

1. Whichbook
I adore this site, partially because the results are sometimes a little bit random in the best sense. There are lists available such as Weird and Wonderful or you can search by various elements. Using sliders, you pick four factors (like happy vs. sad or gentle vs. violent) and can define desired format. If that doesn’t work for you, you can switch the search elements to search for books according to character, plot, and setting. With an account, you create reading lists.

2. What Should I Read Next?
After choosing a book to start from, this site provides brief impressions of recommended stories. The books are not summarized, but rather described with point form factors like “female lawyer” or “detective story.”For more information, clicking on a title links to Amazon. Creating an account allows you to maintain a lists.

3. Shelf Talk, Seattle Public Library Blog
In contrast to #2, this blog features a lot of information about each title discussed. The posts generally have a theme and 3-6 books relating to that topic. Also, this blog features books for readers of all ages.

4. Your Next Read
Using cover art to create simple visual webs, this site connects your books to up to eight related titles. You can select a title to ‘move’ to the next web and view more information. Unfortunately, the site relies on user contribution and I’ve noticed that sometimes no related titles appear.

5. LibraryThing
Possibly the best thing about this site is the tag cloud associated with each title. This feature allows you to see not only the library assigned details, but also what other readers considered to be the most significant aspects of a book. For each title, there are recommendations listed according to the author, LibraryThing staff, or tags. Again, you can create an account to maintain your own online library.

6. Ann Arbor District Library’s Books Blog
This blog features staff reviews of all kinds of books. Posts usually focus on a specific title and branch out to other resources. You can also limit the visible posts to comics, graphic novels, or adult fiction. Audiobooks are reviewed as well, but through the Audio Blog.

Honourable Mentions!

Literature Map
This site provide a visual text representations of related authors. There is little information on the site itself, so it is best used with another resource. I love the potential of this idea and hope it continues to develop as a resource. Give it a try and see what you think!

All About Romance (AAR)
As the title implies, this is a romance specific readers’ advisory resource. You can “power search” for books or visit other pages of related content such as reviews or their blog. Books are also given letter grades, which I just find oddly fascinating.

No Flying No Tights
Updated frequently, the team that drives this site reviews a wide range of comics, graphic novels, and manga. There are related titles and ratings for each title.


Well, those are some of my favourites. What sites do you use to find a new book or keep track of your own reading?

PS. Yes, I know I’m well over 6. 🙂


Feature image is Six! by Derek Bruff.


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