What to read next: The Brass Verdict

The only bad thing about finishing a good book is wondering where to go next. If you liked The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly, here are some suggestions for what to enjoy next.

verdict RA

The Book

The Brass Verdict, Mickey Haller Book 2 & Harry Bosch Book 14 by Michael Connelly
When a colleague is murdered, defense attorney Mickey Haller is forced to return to legal work and manage the now vacant practice. There are numerous cases on the go, but the biggest is that of a Hollywood studio executive accused of murdering his own wife. The high-stakes defense is taking everything Haller’s got, while Harry Bosch joins the story to both investigate and protect Haller from his colleague’s killer. Rich with details of the legal system, this gritty, fast-paced story keeps you hooked until the last page.


Killing Floor by Lee Child
Like Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher is a flawed loner that sometimes steps over the line. Both authors create a story through rich detail, complex plot, and brooding atmosphere.

Innocent by Scott Turow
A courtroom drama, this story provides insight into legal proceedings and focuses on a high-profile case. Like Connelly, the writing is gritty and story is compelling.

Echoes of My Soul by Robert K. Tanenbaum
This true crime book will be appealing to readers that enjoyed the level of legal detail in Connelly’s writing. Tanenbaum’s insider account of a double murder case is a fast-paced, compelling record of the dramatic events.

Related Reading and Entertainment

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, TV series
This popular series has a similar gritty, brooding quality to Connelly’s writing. It also has a small cast of well-developed characters and offers details about law enforcement procedures.

Dark Entries, graphic novel, written by Ian Rankin and illustrated by Werther Dell’Edera
Written by one of mystery’s most well-known authors, this comic focuses on the darker aspects of the genre. The storyline involves haunting and the occult as well as criminal elements.


Interested in a book? Click the title links to view on WorldCat—under the book information, enter your location to find a copy in a library near you.

Header image edited from Library Shelves by Lydia Liu. Cover art from Goodreads.


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