I Support VSB

almost everyone welcome

Parents have filed a petition against the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for their policy in support of transgender students. Read the full story at CBC: VSB transgender policy causes parents to file leads lawsuit.

This week I’ve been researching neutrality in libraries. As this article indicates, schools seem to face a similar challenge. In order to provide equitable service in a neutral (and therefore equalizing) space, there is a need to advocate for it. Well, here I am being anything but neutral as I show support to the VSB and their desire to support transgender students. VSB Chair Patti Bacchus isn’t being neutral either by stating:

“It is a critical issue. It is an important issue. It’s not just ideological – it’s a  legal and moral obligation to make sure that all students are accommodated and made to feel safe.”

One thing I don’t agree witih, however, is having a specific gender-neutral washroom. Rather than equalizing, this makes the student ‘out’ themself every time they use the facilities. Unless they’re all neutral, none of them are. While I’m aware there is a lot of discussion this topic, I’m afraid I’m not familiar with it so I can’t claim to offer a solution. What do you think?

Photo by Iain Farrell on flickr.


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