Favourite Fictional Librarians

A fun post on fictional libraries! We all love Giles, of course, but picking a favourite is difficult with so many good options out there.
While not necessarily my favourite overall, I absolutely love the set design for the library in the Mortal Instruments movie. The use of the scrolling ammonite pattern on the floor is brilliant both artisitically and conceptually. What’s your favourite fictional library?

books 'n' bones

I thought I’d do a fun post today about a topic near and dear to me, two of my favourite fictional librarians.

Okay, so number one is probably a favourite of many:

Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Admittedly, he isn’t mainly a librarian, he’s a Watcher, but he’s got a lot of the librarian stereotypes down pat.

And Secondly:

Welcome to Night Vale fanart

The ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ Librarians. While not a specific person, the Night Vale librarians are evil creatures that try to lure people in to the library for a special treat.

That’s all for now! Who are your favourite fictional librarians?

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