Create & Collaborate

detectivesContinuing my search for what a “Librarian” actually is…

In his recent post Now, Do You Like People?: What 1947 Can Tell Us About Libraries Today, Tarek Akhtar discusses how people are an essential part of librarianship. He states, however, that applying a standard customer service model is missing a necessary “organic factor”. To make his point, he features Pam Sandlian-Smith’s talk from TEDxMileHigh.

Sandlain-Smith speaks to the question “why do we still need libraries in the age of digital, real-time information?” She emphasizes the impact libraries and librarians have on their community by being a place each and every individual is welcome. Her own library is not only a place to house books; it is a space where “you can create and collaborate”.

What does it mean to work in such an environment? It means librarians, all my concerns of definition aside, must be prepared for anything and everything. It means my interdisciplinary background will probably be very helpful and it means, without a shadow of doubt, we really do need to love both books and people.

Photo by Jonas Boni on flickr.


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