L is for Library


Since deciding to apply to an MLIS program, the overwhelming response from friends and family is some version of “oh, you as a librarian. That’s perfect!” While flattering, the reasons for this exclamation usually include things like my choice of glasses or that my hair is usually either braided or in a bun. These are not exactly the reasons I’m pursuing a master’s degree and they’re not what I consider important about being a librarian.

Now in a Library and Information Sciences program, the question is of what a librarian is has come up in every course. Schools are dropping the “L”, but are they dropping content with it? There are differences between programs, but it’s hard to tell if these differences relate to the “L” itself. After a few weeks of study, my question is: where is the “Library” in an M(L)IS program and where is the “Information Science”?

I’ve started asking people to get an idea of how others view librarianship and I’d love to hear from you. What is a librarian and where do they (we?) exist? Do you feel the “L” makes a difference in an M(L)IS program? Please leave a comment and thank for sharing.

Photo by Drew Maughan on flickr.


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